Pursue Your Purpose: Pay-What-You-Want Coaching for Misfits

the misfit's journey
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get strategies and tactics to pursue your purpose — without the debt, dogma, or bullshit.

if you spend your days wondering what should i do with my life? then an hour-long, one-on-one, pay-what-you-want coaching session might be just the thing you need.

hey, misfits!

we’re the Three Amigos AKA The Misfit’s Journey AKA a coaching coalition that began when we bonded over our past struggles to Pursue Our Purpose.

the problems started with our college career counselors, who, for the sake of this story, essentially said, “this personality test will give you a list of 10 careers that align with your personality.”

“sounds great!" we replied. "what’s next?”

“that’s it.”


we felt so betrayed! there were no in-depth discussions. no reverse engineering situations. no strategic planning sessions. nothing!

is that really it? we wondered. it can’t be! they barely did anything at all! if our career counselors can’t help us, then who can? did everyone else have a similar experience? or do we just need to get new counselors?

but it wasn’t just us! almost everyone we talked to back then had had a similar experience. and the reality of our situation slowly sunk in. nobody was coming to save us. we would have to solve this problem for ourselves. but how?

we had no clue where to begin. and we couldn’t find any good step-by-step instructions. as a result, we made every mistake in the book.

studying the wrong subjects in university forced us even further into debt... talking to spiritual advisors forced us into dogmatic thinking patterns... following self-help gurus forced us to sift through a bunch of unnecessary bullshit...

after everything we went through, we realized three important things:

1. Pursuing Your Purpose shouldn't be so difficult, expensive, or painful

2. everyone should have access to someone dedicated to helping people Pursue Their Purpose

3. that “someone” could be us

over the past two months, we’ve helped 42 misfits Pursue Their Purpose in just as many ways.

we’ve helped some overcome their fears. we’ve helped some decide on a major. we've helped some switch to a new career. we've helped some start and monetize their side-projects. the list goes on and on.

the point is: we believe Pursuing Your Purpose is a very personal problem, and we’re determined to provide an equally personal solution.


"i was surprised by how helpful it was. nikolaus was really easy to talk to, a good listener and asked great questions. he helped me see myself more completely. he helped me see that i could release this pressure i put on myself to "choose a style", to acknowledge and appreciate this colourful tapestry that i am. it brought a tear to my eye!"


"trace's philosophy that 'life is infinitely customizable' is not just the best business/startup/entrepreneurship advice i've ever heard, it's also helped me jumpstart my personal development as well. i didn't realize how much of my life i believed was 'good enough' and so didn't think to try to improve.

now that i'm throwing myself into my side hustle and my career, i see the value in customizing the rest of my life to fit me, my schedule, and the future i'm building for myself.

to anyone on the fence about hiring these guys, i'd say make like nike and just do it. you won't find anyone else as good at peeling back the layers until your vision is revealed to you. they're experienced, forthright, and incredibly good at their jobs."


"like all positive-growth experiences, working with dan was uncomfortable at first — he challenges you to view your problem from different perspectives, think proactively, and commit to deadlines. but once i established my weekly goals and schedules, i could not believe how quickly my team was reaching goals, how in control i felt, and how i was bypassing obstacles. all thanks to planning everything out with dan."

- melissa pagnotta

questions + answers

who is this for exactly?

the misfits we've coached so far have ~roughly~ fallen into three categories:

• students trying to figure out what they want to study

• professionals thinking about starting or switching careers

• creators launching a new, ambitious project

what makes you think you have all the answers?

HA! hahah! hahahaha lolololololol lmfao! we don’t! not even close! to pretend that we did would be a bald-faced lie. but luckily for us, Pursuing Your Purpose is less about having the right answers and more about asking the right questions. and luckily for you, we can help you with that. we take a bottom-up approach, which means that, instead of lecturing from atop a soapbox, we tailor the strategies and tactics to each and every individual.

aren’t there any books/videos/podcasts on this subject?

absolutely! we will recommend many of them to you ourselves. they're pretty great if you have the time to digest the materials and figure out the best ways to apply them to your life. but not everybody has that kind of time to spare!

here’s how this works:

step one: enter the amount you want to pay and click the “i want this!” button

step two: once you have been redirected to our booking page, choose your coach, and schedule a call

step three: meet with your coach of choice

that’s it — rinse and repeat as needed.

let's go!

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